Friday, 29 September 2017


When I started I was relational but now I feel I am Extended abstract.

I have a part to play in further elections because I am part of the new generation which will decide who gets voted in to government in a few years time. Depending on what we learn as kids we will all have separate opinions on who gets into government.

The election affects all of us in different ways depending on who is elected. For example National is good for people's businesses by lowering tax payment but they also keep the wages low and escalate the housing prices. And because of this we have the highest number of homeless people for the size of our country.

I predicted that National would win (but personally hoped they didn't) because most people vote National to keep their businesses going good. I don't agree with these people, I think the outcome of National being in government is bad. Because like I said before, because of National we have the highest housing prices in the world, we have the most number of homeless people for the size of our country, We also have the most teenage suicides in the world and our country is in the top five countries in the world for obesity.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Weta poem

Miko’s  poem about tree weta
Tree Weta,
brown and stripy blending in with its surroundings.
Crawling along the branches that populate the forest.
looking for the perfect place To lay its eggs.
Eggs hatch and becomes a young nymph which is yet to explore the world which surrounds it.
Sneaking up on young invertebrates (POUNCE) the weta attacks and has a good feed for the day.
The Hemideina favourite food a fat juicy earthworms and lichens YUM!

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

My school poem

My school,
The students quietly working away like little mice. The wind out side howling  like a wolf.The sky gray and lonely, depressing and sad making me feel cosy in my classroom.The hallway empty apart from the odd child or teacher.The bathrooms still and silent, slippery and wet from the water left on the floor.
toku kura
ata mahi atu nga ākonga, ano he kiore iti.
Te taha hau i roto i aue ano he wuruhi.
Te hina rangi me te mokemoke, pouri hanga ahau ite awhiawhi i roto i toku akomanga.
Te aroa whakawateatia motu ke i te tamaiti rerekē kaiako ranei.
Nga bathrooms tonu me puku, pahekeheke, me te mākū i te wai i mahue i runga i te patunga witi.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Surfing OTJ 1

During the weekdays and weekends I enjoy surfing.
Surfing is something most people don't like to do either because it's to hard or they think it’s dumb but in fact it’s AWESOME! I really enjoy surfing because you get to be constantly out in the water paddling, swimming and surfing. Surfing is a water activity. There is specialized equipment for surfing. A surfer must know about the weather and the waves. I learnt to surf when I was 9, It is a fun activity that all can take part in under the age of around 75.

(Equipment/Weather) it involves a Surfboard which you stand on and a wetsuit which you wear to keep you warm.
Surfing can be done in all weathers: wind, rain,Suny whether,  Stormy And snowy depending on how stormy orwindy it is. The waves that we surf on are formed by either wind from miles away. Because the wind blows across the ocean it can form a wave wherever there's a sand bank. Or from wind forming close by.

I try to get out out in the surf any day possible. Occasionally we go surfing in new places like just recently I went to a place named Sky Williams in Opunake near New Plymouth. My favourite place to surf is right here in Greymouth at Cobden beach. It is a reasonably good break and it's not to big or heavy. It's easy for learners and occasionally you get to see the odd Dolphin.

In surfing you learn different turns. There are many to learn but some of the easier ones is a bottom turns. A bottom turn is when u hop to your feet at the top of the wave and do a swift turn to the right or the left. Another is a cut back. A cut back is where your going one way on the wave and you and you cut back into the white wash and slash the top of the white water.

Some time when I'm out in the water I pretend that there's a GREAT WHITE!! But the only way I can get away is to catch the biggest and best wave. Or sometimes I like to pretend that I'm Kelly Slater the best surfer in the world surfing on the biggest wave ever. “Wohoooo go Miko!” My friends call when I'm on the wave making me feel more confident and pumped to out and catch more waves. Sometimes it feels like I’m flying like a seagull soaring through the sky. Or like a dolphin swimming through the sea jumping and flipping in the bright blue Ocean.

I really enjoy surfing and I would definitely recommend it for all who want to give it a try it helps with fitness and weight loss and is lots of fun. You can go down with your mates and spend the whole day down there. It is an awesome experience and as my surfing friends would say I've got the bug (Which means you can't stop and you're out every day).